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Manufacturing Innovative Matting Products
Manufacturing Innovative Matting Products
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920 Cushion Lok HD™ Solid

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Recommended uses:

Carts - Wheeled Access
Custom size
Heavy foot traffic
Oil Resistant
Standard size

Available sizes:

76 cm  x  152 cm, 107 cm  x  183 cm

Custom lengths:

per m2

Available colors:

Black, Black/Yellow

920 Cushion Lok™ Heavy Duty Solid Interlocking Industrial Anti-fatigue Mat

  • Reinforced to withstand heavy loads
  • Custom-built
  • Oil resistant
  • Anti-slip
  • Closed version

Product Description:

Safety and comfort unite in this industrial strength anti-fatiguematting. Reinforced structure, designed to withstand the heaviest loads.

Resistant to synthetic/hydraulic oils, it provides the answer to slips andfalls in wet, oily and greasy industrial environments. These productsprovide durable solutions to dangerous situations that workersexperience regularly.  Anti-slip surfaces designed for sure footing.

Beveled ramps are available, eliminating trip hazards and allowing foreasy access on to and off of the mat surface. Yellow safety borderscomply with OSHA Code 1910-144.

Ergonomic benefit derived from 22,2 mm thick worker platform.

Custom built comes standard, in any shape or size mat.

Product Features:

  • Fire classification Cfl-S2 tested according to DIN EN ISO 13501 and Class 1according to NFPA Safety code 101 and IBC 804.2 classification.  Testing method ASTM E648-03.
  • Overall thickness 22,2 mm.
  • Weight: ca. 15 kg per m2.


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