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Manufacturing Innovative Matting Products
Manufacturing Innovative Matting Products
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426 Posture Mat™

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Recommended uses:

Medium foot traffic

Available sizes:

51 cm  x  99 cm, 52 cm  x  70 cm

426 Posture Mat™ Exceptionally Comfortable Anti-Fatigue Mat for Standing Workers

  • Exceptional comfort derived from tri-layer energized dual foam
  • 18 mm thick
  • Ideal for static standing work stations
  • Supportive yet buoyant feel for natural support 

426 Posture Mat™ is an exceptionally comfortable anti-fatigue mat for standing workers in primarily stationary positions making it ideal for sit-stand desks and individual standing workstations. 

Manufactured from a tri-layer energized dual foam, the 426 Posture Mat™ helps to improve balance with a firm yet comfortable feel for a stable and even standing surface that provides support and ergonomic comfort. 

At 18 mm thick this anti-fatigue mat is designed for a supportive yet buoyant feel for natural support to the core muscles to promote better alignment and posture. Foot pressure is distributed evenly so no pressure points are built up on the bottom of the feet from the hard floor underneath. 

The top surface is smooth with an attractive textured pattern that fits well in any office environment and is also easy to clean. The PVC top coating that protects against high heel damage is combined with bevelled edges and rounded corners to minimize tripping.

Recommended uses:

  • Medium duty – stationary standing workstations, packing stations, office environments, sit-stand desks, reception areas, wait stations, service counters, cashiers.

Product Specifications:

  • Overall thickness: 18 mm
  • Weight: 5.8 kg/m²
  • Bevelled edges on all four sides to minimize the risk of tripping
  • Free of DOP, free of DMF, free of ozone-depleting substances, free of silicone and free of heavy metals.
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