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Manufacturing Innovative Matting Products
Manufacturing Innovative Matting Products
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130 Polyplush™

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Recommended uses:

Custom length
Dirt scraping
Full roll
Medium foot traffic
Standard size
Wheelchair Accessible

Available sizes:

60 cm  x  90 cm, 90 cm  x  120 cm, 90 cm  x  150 cm, 90 cm  x  305 cm, 120 cm  x  180 cm, 120 cm  x  244 cm

Custom lengths:

90 cm per linear meter, 90 cm  x  18.30 m, 120 cm  x  18.30 m, 120 cm per linear meter, 180 cm  x  18.30 m, 180 cm per linear meter

Available colors:

Brown, Green, Grey, Navy blue, Red

130 Polyplush™ Indoor Functional Absorbent Matting

  • Stylish and plush matting
  • High water absorption
  • Top selling products
  • Moderate foot traffic
  • Vinyl backing

Product Description

Simple, stylish and affordable yet very functional with a high water absorption capacity that also captures and hides dust and fine particles. These entrance mats are our top sellers for use in moderate foot traffic. Vinyl backing is moisture resistant, slip resistant and will not stain floor.

Low profile allows foot, cart and wheelchair traffic to move easily over the mat. For placement inside entrances of schools, offices, shops.

Product Features

  • Tufted cut pile carpet made of 100% Decalon® yarns.
  • 700 grams of yarn per m2.
  • Backing: black vinyl (DOP free).
  • Overall thickness: 6.5 mm.
  • Weight: 3.2 kg per m2.
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