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Manufacturing Innovative Matting Products
Manufacturing Innovative Matting Products
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650 Cushion Ease™ Nitrile FR

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Recommended uses:

Fire Retardant (BFL-S1)
Heavy foot traffic
Oil Grease Resistant
Oil Resistant

Available sizes:

91 cm  x  91 cm

Custom lengths:

custom per m2

650 Cushion Ease™ Fire Retardant Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mat for Wet Areas

  • Excellent drainage
  • 19 mm thick
  • Interlocking modular mats
  • 91 cm x 91 cm 
  • Fire Rating Bfl-S1

Product Description

With holes for excellent drainage and aeration leaving a dry, cleanwork area.  Anti-slip “pebble structure” surface. Superb anti-fatiguepropertiesdue to its unique design underneath and high quality resilient rubbercompounds.

These interlocking mats allow on-site customization.Square snap-together units of 91x91 cm that can be assembled effortlessly and laidout from wall to wall or as islands, in any direction or shape.

Fire Retardant version is made from 100% Nitrilerubber compound and is resistant to most industrial oils.  Suitable forwelding areas with a BFL-S1 certification according to EN 13501-1 andClass 1 according to ASTM E648-03 (NFPA253)
    Compatible with patented MD Ramp System™ for smart safety beveling solutions; allow inside and outside corners.

    Product Features:

    • Nitrile rubber compound.
    • Fire Retardant Bfl-S1tested according to EN 13501-1
    • Designed to yield a long service life.
    • Compatible with patented MD-Ramp System™ for smart safety beveling solutions; allow out and inside corners.
    • Resistant to most chemicals and extreme temperatures.
    • Free of silicone therefore safe for vehicle painting facilities.
    • Slip resistance R9 according to DIN51130 and BG-rule BGR181.


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